About FireMark Education



Our approach is a new and exciting form of fire safety awareness, which brings together innovation and support from the private sector. We aim to deliver a national, single fire safety message to businesses and the private/social rented sector which is free at point of use.


Local Training

The Firemark Education programme can be conveyed through a series of short programmes designed for local delivery with minimal training. It provides organisations with a greater understanding of risk and their responsibilities with regard to fire safety.

Interactive Risk Assessment

The interactive walk through allows participants to complete a risk assessment by identifying hazards, understand the consequences of fire and identify any remedial action required. Participants are guided through this process using a range of realistic examples.



Firemark Education can also be delivered through group seminars. The goal of each seminar is to deliver the same consistent fire safety awareness message to any size audience. Whether you are a business, land lord or major organisation, we can tailor an expert delivery to meet your requirements. All deliveries are in partnership with the national fire & rescue service.